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A great part of the influence on my design process involves my roots and my surroundings. Having been born in El Salvador, the idiosyncrasy of Salvadoreans, the tropical climate, the colors of our flora and fauna, along with the challenges of being a developing country with limited resources become a great part of my daily dose of inspiration.

What I like most about being a designer is that I can be part of the solution to the many challenges humanity faces. As some of the projects in my portfolio demonstrate, I aim to provide solutions that improve daily life. As well, the projects show that being part of a multidisciplinary team often results in a more integral solution. As all design processes are not straight forward, lineal, or concrete, I like to represent, as quickly as possible, my ideas as visual elements on paper and start creating solutions from the inception of my concept.

I find myself to very pragmatic in my design process. My strength is definitely working with the 3D world as well as with presentation When time comes to choose materials I appreciate how specific shapes talk to certain traits: an element’s robustness, delicacy, firmness, or flexibility will determine it’s material. 

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