The aim of this exploration project was to envision an object that will work for an specific part of Tokyo in the year 2030. We started by exploring the area and envisioning how in a 10 year period the area assigned could suffer. Yanaka is a very traditional area of the city, which was one of the only neighborhoods spared by WWII bombing. Thus retaining its prewar era Japanese roots in architecture and magnificent temples and cemeteries. Because the city has expanded, what before was considered at the outskirts of it, now has a more immersed sense to it, big freeways and railway stations that create sound and distraction.

We decided to focus on how sounds affect rituals conducted in the temples around this area, by designing a device that can cancel the noises that cross a certain frequency of sound. Helping the user to bring peace to the mind and submerge in their daily rituals.

Sprint Challenge
Status: Finished