Multifunctional Building

The challenge was to designed an electric charging parking lot, bu to also provide with activities to entertain the users of the cars while charging. We conceptualized a multifunctional building that would take full advantage of space and local resources.

After understood that the most important thing to develop apart from the parking area was a recreational space to service the communities around it. 

The complex is developed within a single multi-use building: commercial, cultural, corporate, and residential. The ground floor provides the public space for the community, open to the city. From here vast structures arise from the greenery to form the building's foundation and disguise the vertical circulation. 

The deconstructionist style of the  building with a crumbling facade, giving a somewhat unpredictable characteristics to the exterior as well as in the interior spaces. This results in a building full of contradiction through the presence and the absence, solid or void, while remaining architecturally striking.

Status: Finished