CartKit & Mercadito Mobile

Anyone walking through of El Salvador, will notice that almost every corner and market place there is a small stall or traditional cart with people selling flowers, artisanal ice cream, minutas (shaved ice) or mango twist (local mango treat). Others cater to the necessity of bringing fresh produce and fruit from farms and markets to residential areas along the outskirts of the city. These carts and small pickp trucks filled with national products represent a life's blood; they generate much needed income. Bold designs and bright color call the costumers to buy. But all too often these cart "entrepreneurs" are impoverished; they are forced to construct their cart of scrap metal, integrating found objects and paint as a unique "call" to costumers.

This project is a development of a cart-kit designed to be self-assembled in a short period of time. All the needed pieces for different types of carts can be found pre-cut and fitted along with the necessary accessories, ranging from carts that can be pushed by hand, mobilized by bicycle and lastly motorized with a tuc-tuc.

All the materials used are cost efficient and focus on the sustainability and durability of the finish structure. A central box, with a distributed storage space underneath and a countertop for the pertaining activities of the stall, will be covered by the artwork of different national artists

Additionally, the cart will enhance the already ingenious ideas os some sellers. to bring the market place close to the population, by making the food transportation hygienic and provide conditions that better preserve the products. by converting abandoned delivery trucks or buses into mobile market places, distributing containers, and shelves that allow both buyer and seller to choose the products.