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Olla: Brewing Tradition

The Olla is the Salvadorian coffee brewing method, made from the most humble material: local clay. I wanted to bring this longstanding tradition and incorporate it to our modern lifestyle, using the same material and abstracting from the original shape to craft it. The cups where shaped with the same clay and designed without handles so the user can be literally touching the ground from where this coffee was grown and produced. The color difference in the pictures show how the natural materials of the pot change as coffee is brewed in it. The whole set is meant to be used in a domestic setting or at a coffee shop where the pot, cups and pastries can be served for two or more people gathered together. 

The ultimate objective of this project was to design an object that could introduce a new narrative, give another side to the story that’s already being told about the Salvadorian communities. At the same time it proposes a change of pace to our modern lifestyle, giving us time to rediscover the things that make us who we are and what we represent. 

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