Embodied Ephemerality

The objective of this project was to redefine a stereotype given on fashion catwalks today, to take the simplicity of a straight line with seats around it to make a totally different experiences with a reason to be. The intrinsic basis for the correct completition of the process was the theoretical and experimental research that feeds our thoughts and reasoning of the origin of all processes, whether they are chemical, mathematical or from design Itself.

After conducting several explorations with color droplets, in a physical and digital way, several conclusiones were reached and gave shape to the project. Layers are important, the flow of liquid or gas depends on the material exposed and the force and pressure applied to it. Areas in which the colors connect demonstrate importance and can be read as possible structural elements or focal points. Time is an important factor in relation to movement, shape and color as they transform. Finally, to gain control and direction, tp this seemingly free transformation, an axis or boundaries have to be used.