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Mercado San Miguelito

Mercado San Miguelito is one of a series of local market places that conform San Salvador's historic district. Taking advantage of the surroundings, the design distribution began by creating two central axis that delimit both entryways to the complex and the four differentiated types of products offered: food, toys, flowers and diverse plastic goods. 


The project consists of four buildings: two of them envisioned as a solid mass made from concrete walls and the others made of steel, wood and glass. This allows for a juxtaposition of light and heavy, that users can discover as they walk the outdoor spaces. Abstracting the shape of mountains that surround the capital, the buildings are given an inclined roof, converting it into green areas connected with the main level green areas. 

Redesigning spaces that reflect local culture is a way to empower Salvadorians  to help them recognize their own heritage and be proud of it. 

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